Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We'll be having soccer tomorrow. For the past weeks, we have canceled soccer again and again because of the lack of WAIVER. Tom (Mr. Watson) doesnt really feel comfortable having the kids go to Lingayen or San Marino without a waiver. He's just being protective and pro-active. And I really understand that. I just hope the kids and the parents appreciate him. What makes my situation difficult is that I know that he is doing everything for the school and for the kids. But the parents and the students feel that he is too protective and stiff. I just hope they could see that he is a great person. I have come to understand, appreciate and accept Tom. He is actually one of the structured person Ive met. Talk about what our country needs. Seriously. Sometimes it is just so hard to explain to parents how important it is for us to know and appreciate boundaries, policies, limitations, roles, standards and even structure. I dont really know if its because as a nation, as citizens, we have learned to "adjust", remedy everything to fit our need. To a certain effect it is true. But this skill, this talent has caused us to learn how to escape rules, talk our way out of traffic violations, not follow simple rules, etc. Have you ever tried crossing the street without a pedestrian, when theres a walkway a few steps away? Have you ever attended late in a class and think 5 minutes lang naman? Guys, all these things we need to fix. Have you ever done something because it is convenient and not because its right? All the time. Its not who our President is and what his programs are. Its putting our foot down, follow our laws for the first time and learn to do things the right way.
oakridge wants change. we want to be a catalyst for change. we want structure. despite our great philosophies, mission, vision, goal and heart, without structure, everything - our curriculum, our lessons, our objectives are scattered. its about time we progress. its about time Oakridge stands firm. Its for the kids anyway.

I started teaching last week. I started out as a substitute. But it turned out great. Im loving each day I spend with the kids. I'd rather teach than do admin work. Seriously! I just cant believe how intelligent, inquisitive young children can be. They give me concepts, thoughts, ideas that great fairytales and stories are made of. Well, teaching literature and reading to children is one thing. I havent really taught reading and literature to young kids. But it turns out to be so much fun.