Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today I wanna share how choosing God's Best has caused me to realized important things in lif. The Lord has taught me to let go the hard way. Being a driven and competent  person that I am, I struggle to depend on the Lord most of the time. But last year, when the Lord has instructed me to put my faith in Him and see that He is in control, i made a leap of faith. It was like walking in the darkness. For the first time in my life, i was walking by faith- uncertain of the future. But this has taught me so many thing. It has taught me not to love anything above God. It has taught me to put my faith in Him and not on human abilities. And to experience God's best. It was indeed God's Best. Having a year with this little girl- being hands-on and having to raise her everyday has taught me to be abase and abound, to love unconditionally and to pray for my children. I have learned to totally depend on the Lord and to have that personal intimacy with God.
Much has changed this year. A lot has changed. People have come and go. But God reminded me to be faithful to Him, put my trust in Him and not on human capabilities.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

We're spending fathers day away from home this weekend. We decided to have a once in a blue moon staycation in manila just spending time with the kids and ofcourse with the hubby. Marriage indeed is anointed and prepared by God. Its God who put two people together and who fits then together. marriage is basically God's design. But men have fallen short of His glory and hus have desecrated marriage for their own pleasure. As a result, broken families and mismanaged marriage are just everywhere. As wives, it is indeed difficult to male marriage work. But as we go along our marriage, dek and i have appreciated and understood how God takes the center stage in our marriage. The main key in making marriage work is going back to God's design. When we align ourselves according to God's heart, everything will follow. Most of the time, pride and self takes control of our relationships and ruin everything. When we start thinking we are more important than our partner, that we know better, we should wake up and recalibrate - its pride running the show. Our marriage has made me and dek look away unto Jesus everyday. It has made us swallow out pride and allow God to tell us jis heart's desire. And its His design

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Lord has taught me an incredible lesson this start of this school year. And it has been an amazing journey of faith. He taught me not to love Oakridge more than Himself and to put my faith in Him. He taught me that Oakridge is simply His. I really praise and thank God for this incredible lesson.
Just before the school year started, the message in church is about God asking Abraham to give up Isaac. It was his way of testing Abraham where His first love is. But Abraham showed full dependence on God and gave up Isaac. In return, God gave him back his Isaac and much much more.
It was an eye opener to me as well. Made me think and pray for God to keep my First Love and not allow the school to preoccupy me. and He reminded me that Oakridge is His ministry and that I have nothing to fear- because people can and go. Everyone are called, but few are chosen - as He kept reminding me. Salvation is not for everyone. Education for God's purpose and God's design is not for everyone.