Tuesday, February 24, 2015

In this day and age where families have been broken, child-rearing is considered not priority for both mothers and fathers, my heart grieves for the current situation of children today. When you see children coming in and out of your office, you somehow develop that burden to help them. Why? Whats the problem? Why is this happening to them? You tend to realise how broken children are today and you tend to think and pray how to help each and every child.
Because of the demands of life, the business of parents, children have less and less time talking to their parents, sharing everything. Children are growing up with more time with peers and the internet. Children are growing up getting material compensation rather than emotional and spiritual security. Seeing my children grow everyday, i dread the day when I see them rebel against me and dek, turn their backs on the Lord and just do what they wanna do without considering God's will.
It gave me the feeling and realisation how important parenting is today. As our world becomes more and more dangerous, as our children become more and more susceptible to peer pressure, as information (both right and false information) become more and more accessible to our children, we need to recalibrate and see - where we are going, where our children are going and what should we do to go against the tide of this age.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Its been a while since my last entry in this nlog. Kne is that i have not so mich to rant. This time i want to change the purpose in writing. I want to share and inpart what im going through, share what ive learned and not simply rant. The past 3 years have indeed been so stressful for me - makingg me rant everytime we encounter something in school. 
Im happy to announce the new addition to our family. A beautiful baby girl named faith. Giving birth for the third time is truly ..... A remarkable experience. You get to enjoy simple tjings like recoveringg faster than uour past pregnancies. You get to be more patient in breastfeeding. You get to use each and every moment to talk to the Lord. 
Ive used my breastfeeding time to do quiet time. Thats what you call wise use of time. :) and it has been enriching. Motherhood is indeed one of the hardest journey i have taken. But the sacrifices are all worthit. Just seeing your little one grow everyday ... Achieve little milestones.... I truly believe we , women are created to be wives and mothers. 
I wanna share some principles from couple's retreat about our roles as women. In this day and age and because of the consequences of sin, we have fallen short of God's glory and have lost sight of God's design for our lives. Women are created to complete the man. In genesis 2, God made the woman to be the helpmeet - the helper. We are need to be reminded all the time thatbit is not our destiny to overtake our husband's achievements but rather support and help them achieve theirs. When our husbands are successful, we are successful because we are one when we married our husbands. 
The second principle from biblical marriage and parenting is child rearing. It is the Lord's commission for us to disciple all nation baptising them. What better and closer way to disciple than to disciple our own children - raising them to grownin the fear of the Lord, to walk with the Lord and to accomplish His purpose in their lives is the best discipleship we can ever embark on. 
As mothers, we need to be clar about God's purpose - God's economy, God's plan for our families and be fervent in our prayer life.