Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Seeking God's Perfect Will

Being anxious is one of the great consequence of sin. When Adam and Eve fell into sin, death was the direct consequence. Then came the other things including fear, malice and anxiety. Being human, the uncertainty of the future can indeed mess up with our head. I for one , am a very anxious person. My biggest fear is the fear of uncertainty. Ive always wanted to be sure. But everyday, the Lord reminds me to anchor my life on Him and to seek His perfect Will...and everything...lietarlly everything will follow. Today, I am declaring that. I want to anchor my life and my future upon the Lord's faithfulness and His grace. It is afterall by His grace that we are where we are today and we will be where we will go in the future.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ten things to do in dagupan

Today, i want to write about my hometown - dagupan city. I kkow i know - ive always been saying that thheres so much room for improvement in the city. But the city is tich in itself. From its long and deep seated Catholicism history and to its culinary contribution to our country, dagupan is indeed a historical and cultural landmark i want everyone to know.
You can just inagine im writing this out of the blue. Im writing it from my heart. To begin with, i want to start with :
1. A walk in downtown area -
Yes. Its like walkingnin divisoria with all chinese products being sold everywhere. But a stroll at out downtown area while looking at the buildkng in both sides will give uou a flashback of what dagupan was thirty years ago. Same buildings - some even condemned from 1990 earthquake, remnants of the past still vividly shown in the downtown area.
2. Giorgio's pizzeria
Giorgios is the jnly restaurant that survived the 1990 earthquake. Their sizzling gambas is worth the trip.
3. Goring's Palabok
Need i say more. Its a dagupan staple. Their palabok is a reminiscent of the past. Topped with ousters, shrimp and chicharon , its a perfect snack for everyone.
4. Star plaza hotel
I dont intend to bring everyone to check in at star plaza. But having a voffee at their cafe will hive you a view of the burgos bridge - the spot where the battle of dagipan ended and a scenic view of pantal river.
5. Pantal river
Called pantal from the word "pantalan" it used to be a port where big boats come in from china, mindanao , india. It was the only port in northern luzon during he pre hispanic era with its mouth facing south china sea. Its beauty fading as modernization and land reclammation become prevalent in the city. Who knows it might be gone in 5 years and will become the new downtown area.
6. Milles Market
A trip to the milles market will give you a picture of how richnour coty is. The diverse sea products which simplymanifests the beauty and simplicity of living in the province. A good bargain can get you a kilo of lapulapu at 200 pesos and shrimp at 250 pesos.
7. Tondaligan
You have never been to dagupan if you have not seennour beach. Its definitely not the cleanest, but a walk in the beach will be perfect late in the afternoon while catching up with your buddy. A good chillout place- thats tondaligan beach.
8. 100 peso store
Thats right! I dont mean shopping in dagupan. Its like a store of hinese products. But youll be surprise with what you can find in 100 peso store in dagupan- korean stuff, vietnam stuff and thai stuff at reasonable price. It used to be marimar shoe store - a three floor shoe store in dagupan where shoes made in marikina are being sold.
9. Sanitary bakery
10. Kwong tay bakery

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ten yeara ago, while in College, i have asked the Lord to use me for His purpose. The world and all its glory have never been my consideration. I just wanted to bebused forthe Lord's move. Then came Kinder creche. Everything just fell on my lap - with the speaking that the Lord will be using it to reachbout to Dagupenos. Preaching the goal and being a testimony of God was more than enough reason to stay in Dagupan. Five years ago, God opened Oakrige for His move and to intensify His role in Pangasinan. Reaching out to Pangasinense and sowing the seeds of life was the goal. Oakridge is from the very beginning a school with international standards for FILIPINOS. We are not here for other nationalities, we are here to SErVE the filipinos and give them global competitiveness.
Many things has had happened for the past five years, many changes. But one thing is for sure - Oakridge is never for our glory but for God's. The next ten years, the Lord is leading us to touch more families - to share and instill love for country more to more students and parents, to attract more families at Oakridge and to be light and salt in the world.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I have always considered my life and my work as a sacrifice for God's move and for His testimony. Sometimes though i feel like none of it is worth it because people will always have something negative to say . I have seen how the Lord has used Oakridge to minister to other people and be light unto their families and children's lives. I have seen how the Lord has brought our teachers to Himself through the . But the pain, stress and challenge have always been difficult and hard. The Lord has shown me that He will increase when i myself decreased. And i feel that everyday. When i hear parents bash the school, its as if a knife has pierced my heart and stabbed me ten times. But the grace i receive from listening and waiting upon the Lord's hand is more than the satisfaction i get from people's praises. His smile upon me is more than the certificates and awards we can get from metrobank , deped, p&g or even other schools. The Lord has shown me that the secret is obedience to His command and to His word. I really thank and praise the Lord that through His grace we will all see His glory face to face one day. Our sacrifices at school are not in vain because we have been connected to the Lord and have allowed Him to work in us.
I miss writing. I havent found the time to write another entry in this blog since i went back to work. But because of this little escape with co principals and school heads, i had so much time thinking , reflecting and understanding whats important and whats not.
Spending time with other school heads have made me see the future of our province even our country. Their lack of vision, shallowness and inability to make good and wise decision will be detrimental to the next generation of dagupenos. The worst part - dagupan parents think thats okay. I have always thiught trainjng our students to think and make wise decision is the very role of schools and parents. But instead, parents have backstab the school and bad mouth us. They reject something that will lead the next generation to progress. For as long as parents dont see the value of development our next generation cannot move forward. For as long as stupid certificates mean more than learning, our society will be stuck where we are in today.