Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ten things to do in dagupan

Today, i want to write about my hometown - dagupan city. I kkow i know - ive always been saying that thheres so much room for improvement in the city. But the city is tich in itself. From its long and deep seated Catholicism history and to its culinary contribution to our country, dagupan is indeed a historical and cultural landmark i want everyone to know.
You can just inagine im writing this out of the blue. Im writing it from my heart. To begin with, i want to start with :
1. A walk in downtown area -
Yes. Its like walkingnin divisoria with all chinese products being sold everywhere. But a stroll at out downtown area while looking at the buildkng in both sides will give uou a flashback of what dagupan was thirty years ago. Same buildings - some even condemned from 1990 earthquake, remnants of the past still vividly shown in the downtown area.
2. Giorgio's pizzeria
Giorgios is the jnly restaurant that survived the 1990 earthquake. Their sizzling gambas is worth the trip.
3. Goring's Palabok
Need i say more. Its a dagupan staple. Their palabok is a reminiscent of the past. Topped with ousters, shrimp and chicharon , its a perfect snack for everyone.
4. Star plaza hotel
I dont intend to bring everyone to check in at star plaza. But having a voffee at their cafe will hive you a view of the burgos bridge - the spot where the battle of dagipan ended and a scenic view of pantal river.
5. Pantal river
Called pantal from the word "pantalan" it used to be a port where big boats come in from china, mindanao , india. It was the only port in northern luzon during he pre hispanic era with its mouth facing south china sea. Its beauty fading as modernization and land reclammation become prevalent in the city. Who knows it might be gone in 5 years and will become the new downtown area.
6. Milles Market
A trip to the milles market will give you a picture of how richnour coty is. The diverse sea products which simplymanifests the beauty and simplicity of living in the province. A good bargain can get you a kilo of lapulapu at 200 pesos and shrimp at 250 pesos.
7. Tondaligan
You have never been to dagupan if you have not seennour beach. Its definitely not the cleanest, but a walk in the beach will be perfect late in the afternoon while catching up with your buddy. A good chillout place- thats tondaligan beach.
8. 100 peso store
Thats right! I dont mean shopping in dagupan. Its like a store of hinese products. But youll be surprise with what you can find in 100 peso store in dagupan- korean stuff, vietnam stuff and thai stuff at reasonable price. It used to be marimar shoe store - a three floor shoe store in dagupan where shoes made in marikina are being sold.
9. Sanitary bakery
10. Kwong tay bakery

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