Thursday, February 16, 2012

learning experiences

Im watching news right now. Fox has this dedication to Whitney Houston thing. Its really sad to loose a legend. But the focus of the news is on the use of prescription drugs by these celebrities. But more than anything else, its on how their doctors compromised just so they get these stars as patients/ customers.
It is just so true. How most of the time, we compromise our integrity , our vision, our philosophies, for more customers, more students, more money, more financial stability. We suck up to parents- their requests, their concerns, their "wants", just to keep them. But most of the time, these requests are not really for the Common Good. sometimes its even insane requests, but i have to admit I myself feels tempted and even compelled just so we can keep them.
But look what has happened when you compromise. You compromise once, you compromise your vision. Just shows how important integrity and putting your foot down is. It just shows that at the end of the day, what matters is our voice, our stand.


Dear Parents,

As we move from paper-pencil, memorization driven education to a more critical thinking, success driven education, We are in a state where we experience learning experiences, challenges and overcoming fears and struggles. It has always been said what people refuse things that they dont understand. But we have to go beyond that. We have to face the truth that we need an educational reform to prepare our children to become successful. We cannot raise them in a “bahala na” system where everything is tolerated. Its about time that we execute change.

But my dear oakridge Parents, we need your partnership, cooperation and patience. We cannot do it on our own. We need your support as we work towards this goal. We can never master or perfect procedures and plicies in our first try. But one thing for sure, through collaboration and parent support, we can make it. Oakridge is not about me. Oakridge is about our families working together to build a better, progressive Philippines. I hope we go beyond our fears, our impressions, the color of our skin, our culture, our presumptions and start focusing and thinking what really matters.

Grades are grades. If grades will get us to be CEO of Google in the next 20 years, probbaly it is important. But it wont. Grades in Gradeschool and Middle School doesnt even affect our College and University acceptance. What matters is learning, understanding and application of knowledge, skills, attitude and values. And these are what we do at Oakridge. We focus on learning and deviate from unnecessary things like grades, honor roll and memorization. We focus on the WHOLE CHILD.

wish it was like this all the time in the Philippines

Have you ever wished that we have parks? we have museums? we have tourist spots that are well maintained and restored? I wish that it was like that all the time in the Philippines- where we can actually go to museums every Saturday and read and stroll, where theres more to Manila than Mall of Asia and other Shopping Malls. I wish we can just walk in the park on a Saturday morning, have a cup of coffee in one of those little dainty cafe in the Metro Dagupan and watch our kids play.Wish it was like this everyday in Dagupan. :(


I am just torn. I felt like I am in a situation where I know what I should do, but I have so many consideration to do. It is just frustrating.
I know that we have to go in this direction - of preparing and equipping our children to be GREAT. But everytime we even try someone complains and pushes us back. I dont really know where to start. I dont really know if Im cut throat for this. I dont really know if I want to do this anymore.
But everytime I look at the community where we live in, our country that was once a progressive developing country in the 1970s, I can feel that sadness, desperation to change- to cause the CHANGE and to want CHANGE. I live in a community where Police Officer of Peace , Order Security Officers would say sorry if they caught you beating the red light- just because you are the daughter of Tan Bun Pin. I live in a community where you can ask the Civil Registry to register your marriage license and permit without even going to the City Hall by just giving your mom's friend a call. I live in a society where you can cross the road anytime, everywhere at your own risk. I live in a society where you get to boss people around and everyone follows you. I like in the community where everything is "okay", means everyone tolerates and is permissive. I live in a city where the criminals are actually run by the Barangay Captain's husband. Grrrr..... In fact, I am getting a lot out of this society. But it is not the kind of community I want to raise my kids in. No, No, No!
Whenever I look at Nathan, I dread the day when he can drive and tell me, "Mom, Ill take the other car because Uncle Chief Policeman told me its okay for me to drive". I know that he will get away with anything in this kind of world. But I dont want to raise him that way. I want him to know and learn how to follow rules. I want him to be a good Filipino. But how can he be a good Filipino if we ourselves are not?
Oakridge was made to be a catalyst for CHANGE. I want to see Dagupan with peace and order, with convenient transportation for everyone including tourists, progressive businesses, great culture, progressive leaders and DEVELOPMENT. I want our country to be at par with the developing and progressive south east asian countries. I want our kababayans to experience and enjoy rights, laws and governance the way it should be. I want more equality than elite-driven society. I want Filipinos to stand up , overcome and become a 21st century citizen of the world- competitive and driven.
But theres so much work to be done. And not everyone is willing to help. not everyone wants to do something about it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My cynical self again

You know how they say that small scale is a reflection of what is happening in a larger scale. People who cant follow rules and laws starts that habit at home and at school. I am sure that we all want to have a GREAT beginning to have a GREAT ending. Nevertheless, in the midst of life's little challenges of overcoming our everyday battle of delayed or immediate gratification, we ended up sucking up to whats comfortable for us, for others and lets admit it for those who afford it.
Last Monday when I had a meeting with my Preschool faculty, I told them how children innately wants order. But they outgrow it. Why? Because they learn to get away with it and they learn that its more fun getting away with rules and laws and doing something you want immediately. But that just leads to trouble- to chaos. And look what that has done to our society?
I told my teachers that if we do it right, if we train and raise our children in an orderly classroom, knowing and learning how to follow rules and laws, learning to live in a peaceful, organized, orderly world, i believe when they grow up, theyll crave for order and change and would probably change our society. I am sure Ill have future Mayors, future Governors in our midst today at Oakridge. and if we just do it right, they'll really make an orderly Philippines. I just hope Parents would share our vision.
They talk about "republic" as a country governed by laws that protects its citizens. and yet our country, despite of our claim of being a republic only protects those who can afford it. Just sad.

OIS doing AVID

that's right! Oakridge is finally doing it! We'll be doing AVID starting SY 2012-13.

Here's what AVID is all about...

AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is an elementary through postsecondary college readiness system that is designed to increase schoolwide learning and performance. The AVID system accelerates student learning, uses research based methods of effective instruction, provides meaningful and motivational professional development, and acts as a catalyst for systemic reform and change.

AVID is a college readiness system designed to increase the number of students who enroll in and persist in four-year colleges. Today, AVID has been adopted by approximately 4,800 schools in 48 states, the District of Columbia and 16 countries/territories, and serves more than 425,000 students, grades 4-12 and at the postsecondary level.

The AVID College Readiness System (ACRS) incorporates three distinct components - AVID Elementary,AVID Secondary (Elective) and AVID Postsecondary. Each component addresses the needs of students to help bridge the path from elementary school through postsecondary completion.

Parents and students, please contact your local school district to inquire if an AVID program exists in your area. Administrators and teachers interested in program implementation, please Contact us.

Sounds great. Right??

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We have to do something

Our society is indeed changing. From what it seems to be a peaceful city, now, we have crimes happening everyday. Just last night, while on his way home, our painter got stabbed in his neck by a bystander while walking across the bridge in the middle of a busy street. Scary!
But still the lives of the people of Dagupan continue like nothing has happened. And it's scary how often these circumstances and incident happen and people do not even bother to change and fix things. Theres just so much stuff to fix. Its just frustrating how we work hard in the education section to change the world, to change the system in our country, but others live like life is "normal". It is far beyond normal. It's chaotic.
I remember from Political Theory Class that too much Democracy is Chaos. I guess thats Plato. And I soooo agree now. You give people so much freedom that even laws, rules are viewed and treated as suggestions. But every human being wants structure, wants order. God in His master plan has order and has laws. Why not us? Right?
The change that we need right now is the culture of obedience, the culture of accepting order, the attitude of following rules. Laws are made to protect every Citizen and every Human Being's rights. But in our country, Laws are merely for those who cannot afford to screw around with it. It's just so frustrating. As a Filipino who wants "change", as an educator who have seen the "cancer" in our society and as a person living in our community, we really need to do something about it. we have to stop and really have a 180 degree turn. If we continue to be this way, to live this way, our country can never recover from the years of corruption and self propaganda. We have to do something.