Friday, June 29, 2012

We visited one of the oldest civilization of the World this week. Its really something great! But I cannot help but compare it to the Kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar. Our trip made me see things I havent been seeing lately because of the stress and busy schedule we have at school. It made me see that no matter how great you are, or how high you have achieved- everything is vanity of vanities. without the real God, we are just doomed to failure and defeat. In the middle of the biggest temple and the holiest temple of Hinduism and Buddhism, I have seen God's love and God's grace.
King Jayavarman made all these temple for His glory, for his immortality...but look...for 2000 years, it was buried, hidden and even swallowed by the forest. no matter how great you think you have achieved, it is nothing compared to God's love and God's grace.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's great to be here in Baguio for a change of environment. Makes me wish my life was is in Baguio. Nevertheless, everything in our lives happen with a purpose. I just need to be reminded everyday. I remember. Lion king' famous philosophy about the circle of me ridiculous, but I always live he deep philo stuff behind Disney films. Like nemo's search for meaning, lion king' circle of life. It's just something we sould think about.its something we all sold se. I guess I'm just a ig old' dumb dumb philo geek. But yeah. I love everything Philo. Cannot help but thnk about our place in life and in the universe. That everything happens with a purpose according to God's master plan.
Its another school year -another start of something new adventure. I'm kinda feeling scared about it. I'm feeling anxious all he time. That why I'm taking this time to write this blog - to learn to be thankful everyday. No more what ifs, should haves and wish I have done this stuff. It's all about praising God for everything He has given us each day. Every time I hear anything negative about Oakridge,it breaks my heart. And a he sometime it reminds Mehta I am nothing without the Lord. Im just a lily trusting God. I cannot help ut sink into self pity that I am just me -nothing. But it also reminds me hat everyday in oakridge is God's grace upon grace.