Tuesday, July 10, 2012

everytime i research on what it takes to be a great school, i end up with the same answer again and again. dedication, commitment to your philosophy, proactive attitude, non mediocre, greatness, accountability, great work ethics, great study habits = GREATNESS of the nation. i really believe in the thinking that the cure to our country's economic and social problems is education. we start with culture change. from setting and allowing a "so-so" quality, half-baked persona and quality in the work to a high standard, best quality service and work ethics. it starts in teaching our children to desire whats best and whats right and not settle for whats comfortable for everyone. ive seen so many third world countries that has started to move forward because of their fear of great hunger and strife. a lot of third world countries has adopted a new strategy in strengthening their economic , political and social dimension to pave the way for industrialization and development. but wheres the Philippines now? where is our country? where is our Motherland? I know theres so much to do, but how come our Filipino brothers and sisters are resistant to change and progress?
im just frustrated. forgive me. i just need to whine. if not ill explode.
Im being sentimental again. I just need to think. And I think when Im writing. I really dont know where to start.
Its just ironic how when they do the "its not you, its me" stuff, you'd end up feel more remorseful and think "whats wrong with me?". It's just the saddest day today. Having to hear from Layan's mom that they're leaving because the school has such a high standard. what does that even mean? I know Oakridge sure does make kids work, make kids work hard, train kids to be responsible and accountable and sure prepares kids to be successful. but what does it mean when people refer to us as "high standard"? isnt that kind of standard for everyone? Everytime I work - I work to make sure that the world is a better place to live in for my child, for my little Mighty Oaks, for the next generation of Dagupenos and Filipinos. But how come after all the things you have done, youll still end up just where you started- mediocre. People end up wanting to keep  their comfort zone, while demanding and complaining about the basic Filipino life. I just dont know anymore. I dont understand anymore. I dont even know if its worth it.

Friday, July 6, 2012

I have been planning to write this. Do's and Dont's in the Philippines or to narrow it down  the do's and dont's in teaching in the country. Its not just for foreigners teaching here, but also for all teachers planning to teach and teaching here in the country. Here are the things I have learned for the past 10 years of teaching. Here it goes:
1. Teaching from the heart.
Ive always been encouraging and reminding all my teachers to teach from the heart. Thats the key to successful teaching. Treat your students as your kids and you will go a long mile. Use your heart when teaching. Thats the organ we need to use. When we use our heart, get the rapport with our students, everything will follow.

2. Teachers have 8 eyes.
That is true. You need to be extra alert as a teacher. You need to make sure that you see and monitor all kids (especially lower levels). You are responsible for all students. Thus, their safety, well being and learning is your utmost priority.

3. Teachers are Nurses, Mommies, Nannies, Lawyers, Doctors in one package.
Need I say more? Teachers in the Philippines are second moms of the students. We not just teach them Math, Reading, Science and Social Studies, but we also inculcate values, correct misbehaviors and even raise our students. When we see students who are neglected at home, our tendency and non written responsibility is to look after them, give care (TLC) , understanding and be second moms. We dont report it to Child Services (we dont have such in the Philippines). We take initiative.

4. Teachers are responsible for everything.
Have I told you that Filipino Teachers are Heroes? Yes! Thats right. Filipino Teachers are responsible for everything. From health of our students, to their assignments, to teaching them to be self reliant and independent. It seems like everything is our responsiblity. Because everyone gives us the load. True. Sad. But fulfilling.

5. Teachers inspire.
One of the unique traits of Filipino teachers is inspiring and giving students hope for the future. We inspire them to study hard, using our inner charms and encouraging them to be the best version of themselves.

6. Teachers have more impact in the formation of the child's view of the world than parents.
Need I say more? You spent 8 to 10 hours with the kids. When they get home, theyre tired and sleepy. They talk to you more than they talk to their parents. Ofcourse, you have a huge impact to the kids.

7. Teachers in the Philippines need to be PERFECT.
well atleast we have to put our best foot forward. Once we choose to be a teacher, we choose to be a public servant and thus our social life- our public life is under the scrutiny of the people - parents, students, co-teachers, and even competition. So, please be careful with your image.

8. Teachers in the Philippines use the power of touch.
Power of touch is simply showing care and love to our students using hug. Filipinos are Hugging people. We love to show care, concern through hugging. Even though its not really acceptable in other culture to touch our students, we still do in the country because we believe there are so many things we cannot say, but we can show.

9. Teachers are know it all.
This is sad. Sometimes even if we committed a mistake of saying the wrong information, we cannot just simply correct ourselves. Loosing face is one no-no in the country.

Theres more. Ill just think about it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

just for the record, i really want our country to progress. i really want Filipinos to make a mark in the world , in history. and just for the record, im doing all these things - having and meeting all these international standards, working overtime everyday for free- not one cent. and for the record, im just serving the country- doing whats best.  i just hope people see that. i just hope people share the same dream. its just ironic how Filipinos have always wanted a better life outside the country and yet when you implement change in our very own Motherland, they react violently as though we are ruining it for them.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Its another evening of thinking and rationalizing . Wh can I sop thinking about everything? Every time I think at where oakridge sold o, I end p where. Stated -greatness. I cannot ell but wonder why it is so difficult to actually bringpeoplewinyou to change, progress and success. Ow, I cannot el but wonder he difficult it is to be Nouri president's shoe. Inspire of his endeavors t change thecony, lead for development and progress, many still wants to stay where we are at, be comfortable t where we are standing and resist change. How can he lead us to progress? Now, I'm stating to be skeptic. Will the Philppnes actually move, improve and change? Or are we just ally resistan to development. I remembered ow flourishing our country was 30 years back. Maros era -renaissance age of our country. Having a a society trained and educated to be productive and diligent citizens, our parents experienced life with n babying, more accounability and no nonsense work ethics. But where are we now? Has our country turned into a den of robbers? My heart yearns for a progressive first world Phlippines. Will it all be worth it?
still confused. cant understand why it has never been acceptable to give our kids responsibilities and accountability. oakridge is all about training the kids to be independent, responsible and accountability. we want our kids to take responsibility for their actions. and you know what...these are the things we need in life. i just dont understand why.
torn again. i dont know how to react. part of me- the business person in me wants to please everyone. and the idealistic, educator side of me wants to do the right thing. how can we progress if we stay in the 70s? how can we move forward if we wants what were used to? isnt culture suppose to be good? but how come in these situations, culture became a stumbling block for growth? its really frustrating.
a parent came to me this morning talking about how they felt when their grade 1 year old kid carries their huge bags up to the room? part of me feels guilty and part of me is screaming why dont they make their children owe the responsibilities. i just cant deal with this. i wouldnt want my kid to just make his yaya or even his teacher do all the work- carry their bags, put notebooks in their bags.but how come parents still want their kids to be "babied" and would request silly things like having the manongs to carry their luggage like bags in school. theyre not even suppose to bring heavy bags. their first grade for heaven's sake.