Friday, December 14, 2007

new curriculum for kinder

With the prevalence of school stress, pressure and failures today, we are faced with the dilemma and the question, "does school really work?". Ive encountered so many parents concerned with their children's lack of enthusiasm in studies. Their children were exposed to formal schooling at an early age, they said. And the pressures and rigidness of formal schooling made their children passive and even lazy when it comes to studies. Indeed, sending our children to formal school at an early age is stressful. But allowing them to explore, enjoy, play as well as learn in a play school can bring so much hope in their formal schooling in the long run. Playschools should stimulate children's creativity and thinking skills as well as enable children to enjoy their childhood. Playschools should teach children how to to ask to be persons. Playschools are there to make learning make meaning out of life, out of everything in the environment. Playschool should never tire children....Playschool should be fun.
But after preschool? Whats next? This is the question that haunts us. Continuity is something that each of us desire, but with the lack of alternatives, we end up choosing something contrary to our beliefs and options. With much considerations in all forms of education and approaches, I've formulated a curriculum to uses the valuable and time-tested knowledge and core curriculum of American education through Accelerated Christian Education program and balanced it with a school environment for social and physical development. Accelerated Christian Education is an internationally recognized program, that uses p.a.c.e.s (or modules) to teach, as well as, develop student's potentials. These paces are equiped with all necessary knowledge that students need in their level. Also, the individualized instruction helps them develop patience and diligence toward studies, without having to compete or to be left behind by others. The very key in this curriculum is school-parent collaboration. To ensure success, school with the help of parents continue to encourage and monitor the child's level and success in his or her paces. There is a balanced of worktime and choicetime , ensure that children still have social interactions. Choicetime includes, physical education, social studies, science lab, music and movement, arts and filipino. Worktime is assisted and monitored by teachers who will help student know and understand the concepts. Also, students will be having extra curricular activities with social studies themes, like fiestas, family, community helpers week, etc. This is to ensure that children still have enough exposure to build self-esteem and friendship with other students. By having this kind of environment, children will learn all essential knowledge, skills, values and attitudes, without having to go through the pain of pressure, competition and failures. For indeed, our children have the right to be children. I once had a professor who said that children have different rate of development. Thus, individualized and specialized education is the key make successful life long learners. Well....and its sucessful lifelong learners- those who never get tired of learning and growing and developing, who become successful people.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007


It is said that great thinkers, those who mold and shape our society, are formed by trials, failures, pain and challenges. But in our case in education, I believe great thinkers are made out of great love, support and encouragement from family, stimulating immediate environment and a lot of influence from teachers. As fresh graduates become professional teachers, they are faced with uncertainty and fear of their student's success. and yet, they give their best to love, to cherish, to help and to guide the students. Pressures from the family and the environment and society go directly to the student and the teacher. Pressures that can cause so much trauma and fear in both parties. Pressures that make students want to give up....But, bottomline, why do we need to make things difficult? Why do we have to complicate things?? Life is about learning. We have all our lives dedicated to learning new things. Why rush learning the multiplication table during the first 7 years of life? Why pressure the students to learn so much when they can do it for the next 30 years? Education is for life. Education is gradual.


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Pajama Party

Last Friday, November 30, 2007, we had our Pajama Party in Kinder Creche. All students wore their PJs and brought their favorite toy. We enjoyed singing and dancing together in our PJs . It was just like being at our own room.