Monday, April 16, 2012


We have always been saying that Oakridge International School strives to bring out the best in each child. I myself was amazed on how teachers and the school leadership committee actually tries our best to give our children the best. I just hope we would go beyond grades, numbers and outward appearances, and see the many mountains our children were able to overcome this school year.

Praise God

I'm loving the new faces at school today. But missed seeing old ones, familiar ones. We're really enjoying the inquiries and meeting new friends, new families who wanted the BEST and GREAT education. Though I haven't really slept decently these past few days, Its really something when you meet, chat and learn about so many things by talking to people, parents and families.
Praise God!

Teacher Ai

Thursday, April 5, 2012


inclusion at work



One of our goals at school is to prepare our children, our Mighty Oaks to be great citizens for Nation building. We want them to be responsible and to take accountability. Last night while chattting with one of the most prominent soldier in our country, he said, " Bilib talaga ako sa Oakridge. For the few hours I spent there, i saw what you are trying to achieve" and then we started discussing about goals. I kept inferring to him that as a school, we began with the end in mind. we want to have a pull of student who will be the best human resources our country will ever have. I want to produce leaders- political, professional, business, education and other sectors who will actually bring out country to the nest level - PROGRESS. He then started talking about how political will can be self-serving. And I do agree with that. Do you know that if you are a "straight", all for development leader in this country who doesnt care about what one sector in the community "feel", but focus on common good, change and improving the lives of the many, you will not win an election? You know how we, as a nation, vote for someone who will "best" serve our interest, than a leader who will bring about change for the common good. Where is Common Good in our country? How can we progress and development if we ourselves are stuck to doing what we want, whats best for us and not whats best for everyone.
As a nation, our goal is to move from a third world country where everyone does whatever they want, bend the laws and rules to their benefit and move to a developing, progressive, laws-regulated country where common good and justice are well served. I want my country, the Philippines to overcome poverty and increase opportunity for all. But we can never attain that if we, the citizens, the Filipinos do not aspire, do not desire to give up our immediate gratification - things that we WANT now for whats best for everyone. we can never attain that if we dont train our children, our students, our Mighty Oaks to take accountability for everything they do, everything they choose and everything they choose to do. We cannot move forward if we allow our children, ourselves too to be used to living a life that self serving, life thats just to do what you want to do rather than to do whats right for everyone.
Lets go back to what our President is requesting for all of us to do this Lenten Season- to be selfless for our country, for our motherland, for our nation. To start focusing on whats best for everyone and not on what we want.

Religious Practices or the Presence of Christ?

Religious Practices or the Presence of Christ?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Words of Ministry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

John 2:19 Jesus answered and said to them, Destroy this
temple, and in three days I will raise it up. (20) Then the
Jews said, This temple was built in forty-six years, and You
will raise it up in three days? (21) But He spoke of the
temple of His body.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Words of Ministry ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The contrast between religion and God's economy [plan] can be
illustrated by the Lord's human living. When the Lord Jesus
was on earth, the temple with all its rituals, practices, and
ordinances was still in Jerusalem. In the temple the priests
presented the offerings, burned the incense, and lighted the
lamps. However, God was not in the temple—He was in the Lord
Jesus. Sometimes the Lord stayed in the home of Lazarus,
Martha, and Mary in Bethany. He visited with them and spoke
with them in a normal, human way. Nevertheless, while He was
in that house in Bethany, the priests continued to perform the
rituals in the temple. With the priests in the temple we see
the practice of religion, but with the Lord in Bethany we see
God's economy. God's economy is to work Himself into man.

His economy was carried out not in the temple, but in that
house in Bethany, for there Christ, the embodiment of the
fullness of God, was present. Those who worshipped in the
temple were practicing their religion, but Lazarus, Martha,
and Mary enjoyed the presence of the Lord Jesus. The local
churches today should not be like the temple in Jerusalem, but
be like that home in Bethany. This means that the churches
should not be places of religion, but be places where God's
economy is being carried out.


Long weekend is here once again. Another opportunity to pause, look back and think. You know how anxiety can really hurt us all the time. How anxiety about the future can really make us miserable ervyday. It can just be terrible. But we have too stop doing it this way. We have to stop being miserable. At this point in my life where I am hunted with the anxiety of the future, the uncertainty of tomorrow, but the assurance that I do everything at my best everyday, I just want to stop, pause and "recalibrate". Because in the midst of all these things, I want to experience Grace upon Grace. Despite the many things that are unsure and uncertain in life, the Lord has always been in control and He has proven this again and again.

Monday, April 2, 2012


Oakridge International School follows Singapore's Ministry of Education Math Curriculum and Science Curriculum, meeting US Core Standards and California State Standards, guided by our country's Department of Education k+12 Program.


Oakridge International School of Young Leaders follows National Council in Teaching Science of US Department of Education.

Finding the right one

I just had a conversation with my husband's brother and his wife about where to send their kid to school in Metro Manila. I cannot help but give them my criteria for a GREAT school.- and you all know I wont send my child to a mediocre school. The school might just meet all my requirements. Here are some of my points.

1. Standard Based Education.

I believe tat a school that begins with the end in mind guides and leads our children better. I want a school that is driven to meet their goals and objectives. I want a school that is passionate about their mission and vision and does not just take each day as if its an ordinary day. I want a school that sees everyday as an opportunity to change the world, make a difference in our children's lives and achieve our common goals.

I want a school that has specific standards per level- as we all know standards are simply the backbone of the curriculum. Standards are basically what we have to achieve and what our children needs to achieve to meet the BIGGER goal 10 years from now.

2. Updated.

I want a school that is constantly upgrading themselves- to gain all the best practices there is in education. I want a school that updates their standards, curriculum and teacher development.

3. Teaching Styles

I want a school that have varied teaching styles- uses technology and other alternatives in teaching. I want a school for my kids where they can be who they are and learn.

4. Security.

Ofcourse, security. We all want a safe school.

5. Life long learning

I want a school that instills love for learning. I want a school that teaches skills needs to thrive in the real world- thinking skills, creativity, resourcefulness, diligence. No more of those memorization stuff. I want more thinking skills.

6. Discipline, Values Formation

Yes. I need a school that instills proper character to my kids. I want them to instill work ethics - that we need to be successful. And, yes , you get that in school. Not all school teaches children ethics and etiquette. But a great school does.

7. Small student-teacher ratio.

8. No discrimination.

9. Student-centered, not parent-centered.

Oh, by the way, its so hard to find great schools. So, when you find it, appreciate and thank everyone who's in it. :) Good thing there's Oakridge in Dagupan City. If we're based in Manila and theres no Oakridge in Manila, I would be miserable- finding the right school- the best school for Nathan.