Friday, September 28, 2012

Im reading a new book now entitled, "aim high, achieve more- how to transform urban schools through fearless leadership". And i can say its really an inspiring book- give you that boost that you need. fearless is one of the things i dont have. i do fear about so many thing. despite my ideals and principles, i fear to follow my principles and beliefs all the way because i know i live in a society where to survive you need to "go with the flow". but thats far from what i believe in. i believe in being just, being transparent, being honest, being true to oneself, being appropriate. but in a society like ours, it seems like being all these things will just harm you instead of help you. everything is a gamble in the Philippines. from bluffing to being selfish, these are what it takes to survive. but i dont want to raise our oakridge kids this way. i will never teach them to settle for mediocre. i will never impart to them that its okay to cheat. i want them to be educated, principled and cultured filipinos.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Its really a different kind of weekend i had this time. Not only have i spent a lot of time researching on the Marcos regime, i reflected a lot of what our society needs to solve our daily issues. ferdinand. Marcos indeed was a magnificent visionary. My husband is one of those that oast n Marcos' brilliance. When he declared Martial Law, it was a time where our country needs discipline, strong leadership and forced obedience to the law. By the way, we need the same thing today. But what drove him to his downfall - to our country's downfall is his extravance, his wife's dark ambition to rule the world wihout upholding the love for our Motherland. I believe Ferdinand Marcos would have been a remarkable leader if his brilliance, vision and brains work hand in hand with the love for our Motherland and our fellow Filpino brothers. What he lacked is his respect of his countrymen, his patriotism. He indeed wanted the Philippines to be developed first world country. He had all his ideals for development. But he also wanted to transform the country to be 'western' -loosing every bit of identity.
Our country still needs good leaders like Marcos who will lead us to progress. We still need to be forced to follow rules and laws. If we continue allowingour Filipino brothers to get their way, or halfly follow the law, we will not grow as a nation. But we all need discipline. We all need he political will to implement, follow the laws -to ensure peace and order in our community.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

 I cannot help it. Whenever I see old restored buildings, I cannot help but dream of restoring the old train station near the school (PNR)- which is now occupied by shanty. Its really sad. How I wish we can restore the old beauty and culture of Dagupan City in its former glory and beauty. The infrastructure of the old station is build in a very strong, very detailed American inspired architecture. Having seen the many many restored buildings from Macao, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Australia and in the US, I cannot help but wonder why we havent done it in our community.

if im the mayor, ill do this dagupan. bike lane, motorcycle lane, tricycle lane!!! :) hahaha. talk about obsessive compulsive.
future of Oakridge. :)
back to our Teachers' Day posts.
This is such a delayed post. We saw this sight at George Street when the City of Sydney welcomed the Olympians last August. This was really touching. I ended up crying. As a Filipino, it was really something to see a country support their athletes so much. They were saying the Australian Athletes did not do such a good job at the Olympics this year. But the whole country surprised them with a Heroes' Welcome. Imagine!
When did we ever give a Hero's Welcome? Oh! Manny Pacquiao! But it was by Solar Entertainment and was just for businessmen and friends. I have never seen us- Filipinos being so passionate and supportive with our fellow Filipinos who represented and fought hard outside the country for our country. Everytime our Athletes come home, they are welcomed by our Media for some 2 minute interview and thats it. Its so frustrating!
One thing for sure. I'll instill that love for our country. We'll produce great Filipinos who will stand up for fellow Filipinos and actually make our country proud. Oakridge will get there. With God's grace.
It's teachers' day today. We celebrated by bringing the teachers to Fortune Restaurant. It was really rewarding to see our Oakridge teachers loosen up and enjoy the afternoon. More than the food, the company made this lunch really worth while. Praying and hoping for a bigger team next year!! With God's Grace!

Just want to dedicated this day again to our Greatest Teacher- the Lord. :)
I'm so proud of these kids. They are all great performers. More than anything, they're great kids!
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

I've been contemplating if I'll share this. I have tried my best to control and hide this insight. But I cannot help it anymore. I just have to speak my mind and share my convictions. Last night, while watching one of those Channel 11 (QTV)'s Shows on current events, they featured whistleblowers in the Philippines. They showed how people who have voiced out the corruption that happens in our government end up with nothing, with no protection at all. Its such a pity how these patriotic, dignified, passionate, concerned Filipinos have been ignored, neglected and even erased from the picture, suffering after standing up to what they believe is right for every Filipino to do. They featured a lot of Filipinos who stood up against all odds for justice. But our country was never a good place to fight for justice. I cannot help but weep for these people. Is JUSTICE really impossible to attain in this country? After all these things, is even worth it to stay in our own country, when we can receive better treatment, better services, better laws, better JUSTICE outside?
But I will never encourage brain drain. I still believe the best way to live is to serve your country. In my heart, I know that despite the better things outside the Philippines, its our job to make the Philippines overcome all these problems. I just hope the political leaders know what theyre doing. For crying out loud, rather than waste so much time on plagarism- we all know its wrong whether youre in the Philippines or outside....duh!!, our senators should be focusing on implementation of the laws, improving the laws, making laws that will protect the rights of every Filipino, give JUSTICE to all- philosophically speaking, give what is due to people.
And as for me, Im doing my share. Im forming the next generation of Filipino citizens and leaders who will never be corrupt, who will see that being a Filipino is being globally competitive, leaders who will change the landscape of Philippine politics and economics. I tell you - all my Mighty Oaks will soar high and change and contribute to CHANGE!!!
Marks of an Educated Man

Finesse , Elegance, Grace, Eloquence and Dignity

Truly these are marks of Mighty Oaks.
From the very start, Oakridge has been consecrated to the Lord. None of Oakridge's challenges and triumphs have been about me or even the team. It has always been about the Lord's Grace. And today, thats what the Lord has shown me. "Relax...I am in control". My anxiety everyday have always crippled me. Ive always been worried about the kids, their future, their academic status, their wellbeing, their health, their families and their lives. Ive always prayed for the kids. But it showed me more and more that the Lord is in control. 
This time, I consecrate Oakridge once again to the Lord. I know we are not perfect. Oakridge is not perfect. But the Lord is the center and the meaning of Oakridge. He is in control. Can things even get more perfect? 
Praise God! Have a blessed Thursday!!