Monday, May 18, 2015

If theres one place in the world where all rules are not applicable , it has to be dagupan. Its where all laws ofanagent and all theories in education and child development dont apply. Its frustrating how people do nit see the value of great things and would rather have a mediocre even low quality product for no reason at all. It is where people would rather buy an iphone to look good and sacrifice their diet and health. It is where people would rather pay so much on tutorial centers than invest on good schools. Dagupan is sooooo weird! It has been so different from All the cities ive been through. It has been so different from all the laws of management and anthropology i know. Its like putting my head against the wall every year. People are just too narrow minded. I need to rest. Im so tired. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Theres so many things ib life you cant control. Despite giving your best, it may seem ibsufficient to other people. Leading a school is so frustrating. You feel so helpless everydqy when you cannot control everything - all the dynamics of running a school. When the sachool became your life, when you live the kods, you end up being so frustrated on how , why and what didnt you do right. I believe last year was one of the most organized year we had. It was painful - because we lost a great sister in the school family. But with the leadership of Teacher Red and Teacher Gena i know the school is on thte rigt track. I know within me we are. But people really doesnt aee that. They want things that doesnt have sense. More than that, circumstances are just way beyond my control. Its just frustrating.