Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ten yeara ago, while in College, i have asked the Lord to use me for His purpose. The world and all its glory have never been my consideration. I just wanted to bebused forthe Lord's move. Then came Kinder creche. Everything just fell on my lap - with the speaking that the Lord will be using it to reachbout to Dagupenos. Preaching the goal and being a testimony of God was more than enough reason to stay in Dagupan. Five years ago, God opened Oakrige for His move and to intensify His role in Pangasinan. Reaching out to Pangasinense and sowing the seeds of life was the goal. Oakridge is from the very beginning a school with international standards for FILIPINOS. We are not here for other nationalities, we are here to SErVE the filipinos and give them global competitiveness.
Many things has had happened for the past five years, many changes. But one thing is for sure - Oakridge is never for our glory but for God's. The next ten years, the Lord is leading us to touch more families - to share and instill love for country more to more students and parents, to attract more families at Oakridge and to be light and salt in the world.

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