Thursday, April 10, 2014

I have always considered my life and my work as a sacrifice for God's move and for His testimony. Sometimes though i feel like none of it is worth it because people will always have something negative to say . I have seen how the Lord has used Oakridge to minister to other people and be light unto their families and children's lives. I have seen how the Lord has brought our teachers to Himself through the . But the pain, stress and challenge have always been difficult and hard. The Lord has shown me that He will increase when i myself decreased. And i feel that everyday. When i hear parents bash the school, its as if a knife has pierced my heart and stabbed me ten times. But the grace i receive from listening and waiting upon the Lord's hand is more than the satisfaction i get from people's praises. His smile upon me is more than the certificates and awards we can get from metrobank , deped, p&g or even other schools. The Lord has shown me that the secret is obedience to His command and to His word. I really thank and praise the Lord that through His grace we will all see His glory face to face one day. Our sacrifices at school are not in vain because we have been connected to the Lord and have allowed Him to work in us.

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