Thursday, April 10, 2014

I miss writing. I havent found the time to write another entry in this blog since i went back to work. But because of this little escape with co principals and school heads, i had so much time thinking , reflecting and understanding whats important and whats not.
Spending time with other school heads have made me see the future of our province even our country. Their lack of vision, shallowness and inability to make good and wise decision will be detrimental to the next generation of dagupenos. The worst part - dagupan parents think thats okay. I have always thiught trainjng our students to think and make wise decision is the very role of schools and parents. But instead, parents have backstab the school and bad mouth us. They reject something that will lead the next generation to progress. For as long as parents dont see the value of development our next generation cannot move forward. For as long as stupid certificates mean more than learning, our society will be stuck where we are in today.

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