Monday, February 3, 2014

I have never really wanted the princess mentality. American researches show that the princess mentality or the commercialism and materialism that involves the princess market and princess industry have made our daughters - the next generation to be materialistic and shallow. The continuous expansion of industries promoting and selling princess stuff, princess lifestyle have hampered our daughter's humanistic approach to life. Their ideals became so shallow. Their dream became so materialistic. Thus, we end up with a commercialized and materialistic world.
Today, it is really important that we go to basics and give our children the basic things in life. Our daughters do not need iPads, luxurious 7th birthday parties and gazillion shoes. They just need our time. They need our ears to listen to their stories and dreams. They need us to guide them what to do when things go their way.
This week, we will be having the leadership camp. Aside from the stress of organizing it, I feel the need to pray for everyone in the camp - to do exactly what The Lord wanted.

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