Thursday, January 23, 2014

When I was pregnant with Caitlyn! the hardest thing for me to do is to stop working and take care of myself. It has always been the students and Oakridge came first. Even above myself, my family and even my God. It was the worst feeling -trying to please each add every parent at school.
This year I had the biggest challenge in my life - to trust in The Lord. Many many many times, I have put everything in my hands to fix things at school. And it ended up a disaster. Last night, when I received another news that a lot of people are planning to transfer because they don't like how Oakridge is being run by Tom, I felt soooo bad like a knife cut through my chest. It was even worse than that. I even discussed it with Tom. And he was more than ready to quit. Bug I told him if he quits, I'll say yes to every request parents ask for, homeschool my kids and just do ' bahala na'. Of anyone I have worked with (including remarkable people in Manila), I believe I the direction we are going with Tom's leadership. He may not have the Filipino "ma pr" persona. But he's direct, focused and.... He knows what he's doing. If you ask me, I'll enroll my kids wherever Tom is. Whether he's the principal of some small school in San Fabian or at Oakridge. That's how much I believe in this person. Yes.  We do fight a lot about our ideals. Two idealistic educators usually collide. But it brings forth greater ideas and stronger partnership. If parents think I'm not hands on, I think it's not true. I h been more handson now. Because I have learned to trust in God to take full control.

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