Tuesday, February 24, 2015

In this day and age where families have been broken, child-rearing is considered not priority for both mothers and fathers, my heart grieves for the current situation of children today. When you see children coming in and out of your office, you somehow develop that burden to help them. Why? Whats the problem? Why is this happening to them? You tend to realise how broken children are today and you tend to think and pray how to help each and every child.
Because of the demands of life, the business of parents, children have less and less time talking to their parents, sharing everything. Children are growing up with more time with peers and the internet. Children are growing up getting material compensation rather than emotional and spiritual security. Seeing my children grow everyday, i dread the day when I see them rebel against me and dek, turn their backs on the Lord and just do what they wanna do without considering God's will.
It gave me the feeling and realisation how important parenting is today. As our world becomes more and more dangerous, as our children become more and more susceptible to peer pressure, as information (both right and false information) become more and more accessible to our children, we need to recalibrate and see - where we are going, where our children are going and what should we do to go against the tide of this age.

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