Friday, June 13, 2014

The Lord has taught me an incredible lesson this start of this school year. And it has been an amazing journey of faith. He taught me not to love Oakridge more than Himself and to put my faith in Him. He taught me that Oakridge is simply His. I really praise and thank God for this incredible lesson.
Just before the school year started, the message in church is about God asking Abraham to give up Isaac. It was his way of testing Abraham where His first love is. But Abraham showed full dependence on God and gave up Isaac. In return, God gave him back his Isaac and much much more.
It was an eye opener to me as well. Made me think and pray for God to keep my First Love and not allow the school to preoccupy me. and He reminded me that Oakridge is His ministry and that I have nothing to fear- because people can and go. Everyone are called, but few are chosen - as He kept reminding me. Salvation is not for everyone. Education for God's purpose and God's design is not for everyone.

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