Saturday, June 14, 2014

We're spending fathers day away from home this weekend. We decided to have a once in a blue moon staycation in manila just spending time with the kids and ofcourse with the hubby. Marriage indeed is anointed and prepared by God. Its God who put two people together and who fits then together. marriage is basically God's design. But men have fallen short of His glory and hus have desecrated marriage for their own pleasure. As a result, broken families and mismanaged marriage are just everywhere. As wives, it is indeed difficult to male marriage work. But as we go along our marriage, dek and i have appreciated and understood how God takes the center stage in our marriage. The main key in making marriage work is going back to God's design. When we align ourselves according to God's heart, everything will follow. Most of the time, pride and self takes control of our relationships and ruin everything. When we start thinking we are more important than our partner, that we know better, we should wake up and recalibrate - its pride running the show. Our marriage has made me and dek look away unto Jesus everyday. It has made us swallow out pride and allow God to tell us jis heart's desire. And its His design

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