Friday, July 4, 2014

This year has been one of the most challenging year ever. Not only have I felt more anxious in my life, I have also felt that human relationships and friendship are simply vanity of vanities. This year, my biggest fear came true. The people I thought who will help in establishing the school through their partnership and feedbacks bailed on Oakridge. I felt so much hurt. But the Lord has shown me this year to simply "trust and obey". This year, i saw how frail human relationships are and how we shouldnt depend on our own capabilties and relationships. The only reliable person is simply God Himself. I have learned the secret- which is simply to abide in the vine and allow Him to take full control. 
I felt really betrayed as I have given more than my best shot at school. I believe that everything we have done has been our best- and whats best for the kids. But people do not think the same way we think. Each person has their own idea and opinion about education. Being an educated educator and having read so many researches about best practices in school, i cannot help but wonder why best practices doesnt sell in Dagupan City. What am I doing wrong? 
But again and again, the Lord reminded me to "stop" and start abiding in Him. By the Lord's grace and mercy, our population is even more than our population last year. Many lfet- thats true. But God indeed provided. 

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